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Parasomnia refers to a variety of disruptive sleep-related events that disrupt one's sleep and can lead to injury or disturbance of oneself or others in the bed or house. Parasomnias often can be effectively diagnosed and treated.

Parasomnias include:

  • Sleepwalking - Sleepwalking seems to be a temporary sleep mechanism malfunction that occurs during deeper stages of sleep and tends to run in families. Sleepwalking affects mostly children and tends to go away after puberty. People who sleepwalk do not remember their nocturnal walk the next day.
  • Sleep talking - Sleep talking is generally harmless and usually temporary, brought on by illness or stress. The sleeper has no memory of sleep talking. Sleep talking can sometimes be associated with sleep apnea or sleep terrors.
  • Sleep terrors - Sleep terrors are more common in children and typically do not continue into adulthood. Sleep terrors are marked by a sudden awakening with physical behaviors associated with intense fear and last about 15 minutes after which the person goes back to sleep.
  • REM sleep behavior disorder - In this type of a disorder the paralysis that occurs normally during REM sleep is incomplete or absent, allowing the sleeper to act out their dreams. This type of disorder is most common in men and can lead to violent behavior or injuries. Medication is usually very effective in treating this disorder.

For more information or to schedule the sleep study, please call the toll free number 1-866-SLEEP40 (1-866-753-3740).

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