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penile cancer
Cancer of the penis. The penis has several types of tissue that contain cells that can develop cancer. The majority of penile cancers develop from skin cells called squamous cells - a nonmelanoma form of skin cancer. Verrucous carcinoma is an uncommon form of squamous cell cancer that can develop on male or female genitals. Though it can spread into surrounding tissues, it rarely metastasizes. Adenocarcinoma is a very rare type of penile cancer developing in the sweat glands in the skin of the penis but it can spread to the lymph nodes.
Causes may include:
  • human papillomarvirus (HPV) infection
  • unprotected sexual relations with multiple partners
  • medication for psoriasis treatment
Treatment may include:
  • surgery
  • radiation therapy
  • chemotherapy - given either topically (medication is placed directly on the skin) or systemically (drugs given by injection or mouth)
  • oncology
  • radiology

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