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Maternity & Childbirth: Safety & Security
Every possible step to ensure the safety of your newborn is taken at RWJ Hamilton, where our safe environment is strengthened by the latest technology. The maternal child health services units are locked units. A security officer is stationed at the entrance of the Women & Infants Pavilion 24 hours a day. Access to the unit by both visitors and staff requires clearance from the security desk. Visitors will be asked to check in each time they enter the unit.

All newborns are given special bracelets that match those worn by their parents. All babies are also fit with a security bracelet that is programmed to sound an alarm if the child is taken near any hospital exit. For this reason, your baby must be in a crib at all times if you are walking with him or her in the hallway.


Our maternity unit consistently achieves higher than 90% in patient satisfaction.

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