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The SleepCare Center at RWJ Hamilton
The Facility

 David's sleep apnea is now under control. Both he and his wife Pam credit the RWJ Hamilton SleepCare Center for a restful night of sleep. Read his story here.
While visiting the center, you will sleep in a private room with a home-like atmosphere which includes a queen bed, private bathroom and TV in each room. Complimentary evening snacks and a free coupon for breakfast in the morning are included in your stay.

A specially-trained sleep technician will apply sensors to your body which will detect your level of sleep by measuring brain waves, eye movements, muscle tone, heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen levels and more.

The technician will monitor your progress throughout the night.

For more information or to schedule the sleep study, call 866.SLEEP40 or 866.753.3740.
More board-certified sleep specialists than any other center in Mercer County.

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