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Diagnostics & Imaging

Lung Cancer Screening

We believe in access to affordable, preventative care at RWJ -- and we believe in helping our community stay healthy. Our Lung Cancer Screening Program helps save lives by identifying lung cancer when it is most curable, at its earliest stage. Small nodules in the lung can be detected by a low-dose CT scan. However, because these scans are not usually covered by insurance, RWJ Hamilton is now offering this life-saving screening for $99.

The discounted Lung Cancer Screening includes:

  • One-on-one consultation with a nurse navigator. This nurse also provides expert guidance to anyone needing follow-up tests or medical care.
  • A low-dose CT lung scan to find early lung cancer. A board-certified radiologist reviews the scan for lung nodules.
  • A review of positive findings by a multidisciplinary panel of physicians as requested by ordering physician.
  • Smoking cessation referral to help you quit smoking.
  • Recommendations for follow-up based on national guidelines.


Individuals age 45 and above who are current or former smokers, with a history of a least "30 pack years"

  • A "pack year" is the number of packs smoked per day multiplied by the number of years smoked. For example:
    • 1 pack per day for 30 years = 30 pack years
    • 2 packs per day for 15 years = 30 pack years
    • 3 packs per day for 10 years = 30 pack years
  • Former smokers must have quit within the past 15 years.
  • No cancer history within 15 years.

For questions about eligibility or to request a screening, call HealthConnection at 609.584.5900.

Screening Results

Screening results are shared with you and your primary care physician. Results may lead to the need for further tests, but in almost all cases the expenses for additional testing are covered by insurance.

Now is the time to know.

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