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Radiology is the medical specialty medical imaging technologies to diagnose and treat diseases.  Radiologists direct an array of imaging techniques to diagnose or treat disease.  Radiologists also treat some diseases by means of radiation (radiation oncology) or minimally invasive, image-guided surgery (interventional radiology). 

Subspecialities include:
  • breast imaging - concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases and conditions
  • cardiovascular - concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the vascular (blood vessels) system
  • chest - concerned with the diagnostic radiology of diseases of the thorax, especially the heart or lungs
  • gastrointestinal - concerned with the diagnostic radiology of the gastrointestinal tract and abdomen (the stomach and intestines)
  • radiological physicist - concerned with the therapeutic, diagnostic and safe use of applications of gamma rays, x-rays, etc.

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