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spinal injury

The spinal cord contains the nerves that carry messages between your brain and body, and passes through the neck and back. A spinal cord injury is very serious because it can cause paralysis below the site of the injury.


Symptoms may include:


  • head held in unusual position
  • numbness or tingling that radiates down an arm or leg
  • weakness
  • difficulty walking
  • paralysis of arms or legs
  • no bladder or bowel control
  • shock - pale, clammy skin, bluish lips and fingernails, dazed or semi-conscious
  • unconscious
  • stiff neck
  • headache
  • neck pain

Causes may include:


  • direct trauma to the face, neck, head, or back
  • diving accident
  • electric shock
  • extreme twisting of the trunk
  • sports injury
  • major blow to the head or chest
  • fall from a great height

Treatment may include:


  • first aid  
  • hospitalization

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