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pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer is cancer of the pancreas.  The pancreas is an organ that is located behind the stomach. It extends horizontally across the abdomen, and contains 2 types of glands.
  • exocrine gland - makes a liquid that is released into the intestines that help people digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in food.
  • endocrine - release hormones such as insulin and glucagon directly into the blood.  Insulin reduces the amount of sugar in the blood and glucagon increases it.
Symptoms may include:
Treatment may include:

Types of pancreatic tumors include:

  • exocrine tumor - very common type of pancreatic cancer
    • cystadenomas - benign cysts and tumors
    • adenocarcinoma - usually start in the ducts of the pancreas
    • adenosquamous carcinoma
    • squamous cell carcinoma
    • giant cell carcinoma
  • endocrine tumor - uncommon, and as a group are known as neuroendocrine tumors, or islet tumors
    • insulinoma - develop from cells that make insulin
    • glucagonomas - develop from cells that make glucagon
    • gastrinomas - develop from cells that make gastrin
    • somatostatinomas - develop from cells that make somatostatin
    • VIPomas - develop from cells that make vasoactive intestinal peptide


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